Being flooded is an appalling experience, but being prepared for it and planning what you would do if a flood happens to you can greatly cut down on the misery. Don’t take the risk.

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Latest Flood News

  • Friday 23 October 2020

    Sustainable Drainage Systems - another piece of the jigsaw

    You may have come across the phrase 'sustainable drainage systems', also known as 'SuDS', but be unsure what it means, and just how important it is as part of the overall flood risk management...

  • Thursday 17 September 2020

    Build, build, build – but not to flood, flood, flood!

    I have made my views on the folly of building more homes in floodplains very clear for many years now. These areas are where the rivers naturally go when they are full. Too many householders are...

  • Friday 21 August 2020

    Property Flood Resilience

    I look on Flood Risk Management as a jigsaw of many pieces, all working together to reduce the impact a flood can have. Having been flooded myself, I make no apologies for always focussing on our...