Being flooded is an appalling experience, but being prepared for it and planning what you would do if a flood happens to you can greatly cut down on the misery. Don’t take the risk. Start with a flood report.

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Latest Flood News

  • Monday 2 November 2015

    "Don’t be complacent: be flood aware, prepare & protect" warns the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign on the 15th anniversary of the 2000 floods

    As we enter the Environment Agency's annual Flood Awareness fortnight, which coincides with the fifteenth anniversary of the devastating floods that affected large areas of England and Wales in...

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  • Tuesday 13 October 2015

    Flood Data Workshop at Flood Expo

    This week, Landmark Information Group is participating in The Flood Expo event, which is widely billed as the '...

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  • Friday 25 September 2015

    Debate Continues over Flood Defence Budgets: Somerset

    Mary Dhonau OBE, chief executive of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign was interviewed by BBC Radio Somerset this week to discuss the highly emotive...

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