Being flooded is an appalling experience, but being prepared for it and planning what you would do if a flood happens to you can greatly cut down on the misery. Don’t take the risk. Start with a flood report.

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Latest Flood News

  • Thursday 29 September 2016

    Fewer than one in three investigate flood risk before buying a home

    Insurers press for traffic-light warning on property ads

    Fewer than one in three people researched the flood risk of the property before buying their current home, new figures from...

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  • Wednesday 18 May 2016

    Mary "Queen of Floods" Dhonau urges flood victims to take advantage of £5,000 resilience and resistance grants

    Mary Dhonau OBE, the chief executive of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign is urging homeowners who experienced flooding in December 2015 to contact their Local Authority to access the Repair and...

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  • Friday 1 April 2016

    Flood Re FAQ

    With Flood Re’s launch on 4th April 2016, Mary Dhonau provides the answers to several questions that she is frequently being asked about the scheme.

    1. What actually is Flood Re?


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